High Roller
Mar 27, 2020
be nice and follow the rules to avoid being banned thanks!

2) No Url Shorteners
3) No Telegram Url's
4) No Di.scord Links
5) Use the Search before making a request.
6) Post requests only in Request Section
7) Only File Hosts from the approved file hosts list.
8) No Underage Content Models need to be over 18. (inlcudes childs in youtube videos, insta images etc.)
9) No Private PM Trading (people getting scammed)
10) No Useless bump, any more? any new? etc. posts
11) ask for reups only as a comment
12) Self Promotion only In Self Promotion Forum
13) Dont advertise other websites or forums
14) don't harrase anyone including models
15) don't post anything of people that are dead (have some respect)

new users (without a rank badge) posts are held for manual moderation..if your post isnt showing up after 24 hours it means it was deleted..check the rules again
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